Komono Watches Reviewed

komono watches reviews

In this article, the watches which we are going to know about are Komono watches, some of you might have heard of Komono watches while some haven’t heard of it. Komono watches are certainly not famous brands like Casio or Rolex but they are indeed a very stylish brand which makes some of the best good-looking timepieces which are very affordable.

The company of Komono watches was founded by Raf Maes and Anton Janssen in Belgium in the year 2009 and they certainly made an impression on the world of watches. These distinguished and unique looking watches are stylish and they are pushing the boundaries of what the watches should like.

Fashionable Watches

You guys should know that watches from the brand komono mostly focuses on fashion, style and giving a unique look to their customers. They are not premium watches because of which their quality wouldn’t be top notch but they will last a while when you use them carefully and look after it. The company gives the customer 1 Year Warranty in case something happens to the watch in that time frame.

Simple & Elegant Design

These watches are designed in such a way that person of almost every style and taste can find a matching and pretty good watch. The distinct colors, patterns, strap material and the overall simple and clean design attracts alot of people.

Unique Watches

The great thing about Komono watches is that there are ample variety with different and unique looks, bands and colors. Take a look at the different watches of mentioned.

Budget Friendly

Personally i am a person of that type who usually looks for cool & nice watches that are under specific prices too, that is why i personally like this brand. Because you can find a great watch while staying in your budget. That is why usually like and prefers these watches. While looking at the price and quality, one may think it of low-quality, but believe me they a great quality despite the fact that the price ranges are very low as compared to other normal or luxury watches.

Let’s get to know more about the Komono watches in detail:

Komono Men’s Watches

man wearing komono watch

The Lewis Range

The Lewis Range of Komono watches is a bit more modern than Winston range watches with the dial of the time piece and its numbers i.e. hours and minutes. There are also many varieties but less than the Winston range. If there are fewer choices to choose then it becomes easier to choose the watch which you like.

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These watches have Japanese Quartz movement for accurate measurement of time. They have a stainless steel back, they are also water-resistant so you would have no worries about some water being splashed on your watch and they have an Italian leather wristband.

The Winston Range

The modest Winston range comes with a huge variety of different colors and different materials plus you can wear them on in any occasion/event. Moreover, they also have a wide range of band colors and the materials which they are made of because some people like the strap to be made of leather and the other people like the strap to be made of stainless steel.

We talked about its material as to the quality of Komono watches, the company uses some fine materials such as calf leather and Japanese Quartz for the watch movement. The main focus of the Komono style is style and design but they will also not disappoint you in terms of quality so rest assured.

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The Walther Range

The Walther range is all about class and its premium looks which come with the functionality of full date and calendar. The Walther range gives you a more sophisticated and formal look but it doesn’t mean that this range doesn’t give you casual style watches.

Walther range has Japanese Quartz movement which gives you precise movement, their water-resistance is higher than Lewis range timepiece, they are durable watches with Sapphire coating and have three different dials one for hours, one for seconds and the other for a date.

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Komono Women’s Watches

a woman wearing komono watch

The Estelle Range

The Estelle range of watches are for women and there are dozens are options to choose from i.e. you can have different colors, different kinds of straps and various styles. This is the type of watch which you can wear it on any kind of occasion to match your wardrobe.

They have Japanese Quartz for accurate time reading with the case diameter of 36 mm and they are also somewhat water-resistant.

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The Moneypenney Range

The Moneypenney range is a piece of elegance. It has a small face compared to normal watches so the ladies will definitely like this time piece. This watch gives you an elegant feel and there are only a few options to choose from and all of them will give you the premium look centered on gold and silver which makes it an excellent timepiece to wear on formal events.
They have Japanese Quartz movement, they got a stainless steel back and the diameter of their case is around 16 mm.

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