TOP 7 Best Pilot Watches Under $500

TOP 7 Best Pilot Watches Under $500 – Reviewed

best pilot watches under $500

What leads to the development of Pilot Watches? It was the historic event that took place in 1904 between Alberto Santos-Dumont and Louis Cartier. Towards the end of 1903 Wright brothers the younger one Orvillie and his senior brother Wilber first mastermind the aeroplane and at that time it was difficult for the pilot to track the time because the watch had a dile that was attached with a pocket by the help of small chains ,strips. Alberto Santos-Dumont who was the controller aviation and asked his bestie Louis Cartier to design a watch in such a way that it can be easier for pilot to track the time rather than finding his pocket opening his case and then reverse process, so for the convenience he designed the first pilot watch that can be easily put on wrist, so lets read further about some of the Best Pilot Watches Under $500.

And after that these watches were given new shapes, designs, advancements were made by different brands even the mechanics were changed such as the kinetic watches and solar watches, gears, the watches were able to brief about the different time zones and the altitudes these features will be discussed with the models below. There are many famous brands that sell pilot watches. Even the prices are healthy but we will showcase some of those watches that are under 500$ The prices can be lower than 400$ depending on your budget, So let’s go through these different watches.

Best Skeleton Watches Under $500


1. Seiko Men’s Watch – SSC007 

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At the very beginning of the insight, we have the seiko Men’s model and seiko watches are outclass in their competition they make best watches around the world and are known for their class. Is this watch a luxury watch? The manufacturer of Seiko is Japan and their watches seem to have very high prices but they are around 500$. These are recommended by the pilots because of its stainless steel, different features discussed below and its long term well-being. And also double power source the solar and kinetic, and cell.

A nice big casement for date which aids the scene of the pilot. Even it is in the category of pilot watches but due to its diverting features you can wear on sports occasions, classically and formally.

Features & Specifications

  • Comes with stopwatch
  • Stainless steel watch
  • Resist to water upto 100m
  • Casement for date at 15th minute(3o’clock)
  • Matching features for the pilot (stop-watch, healthy big date window)
  • Best Pilot watches for under 500$
  • Can be used for formally and outdoors sports
  • Stainless steel bracelets
  • It is water resistant but not nood good for diving purposes.

2. AVI-8 Men’s AV-4011 Hawker Hurricane Watch

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This watch has a complete standard to be in 2nd of pilot watches. It has very crystal clear finishing on the dial area, It has leather bands which makes it genuine and gives it a classy look. Watch motion is inspired by japanese quartz. It comes with different chronograph dial colours white and black boundary, full white and black. As it is pilot watch the size of numbers is healthy so anytime ready for your aviation.

These watches are designed to tribute the pilot those who fought in WW2 (Word War 2) and they were handling the aircraft named hawker hurricane the british model which is a single seater. These pilots fought very bravely and today they are honoring them by designing watches. AVI-8 is based in the United Kingdom and these watches will make sure it will meet your budget because it is affordable. I think it can also be used by construction workers

Features & Specifications

  • The bands are Leather
  • Watch motion(japanese quartz)
  • Resistance to water upto 50km
  • Comes with other small diles shows tachymeter
  • (Static)Bezel with different colours
  • Bezel with tachymeter(for different periods)
  • Resistance to water upto 40 km
  • Best watch under 500$
  • Stainless steel body
  • Big Numbers
  • Resistance is not good for diving purposes
  • It has leather bands sensitive to water

3. Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster – GA-1100

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Excellent piece of watch in the G-shock series, a number of watches are formed by the USA Casio but we have showcased this G-Shock in the category of pilot watches due to its multi-functioning and various features. This watch is user-friendly for the aviation controller(Pilots) usually the watches are manufactured to match the standards of people that’s why every watch tells something about you and these watches are made keeping in view the comfort of pilots.

Many feedbacks were given by the people and they appreciated its features one of the leading comments was on the light (LED) because of its high intensity of the luminous light. These watches can be used on many other occasions mainly you can use it during travels as it comes with the digital compass, sports and diving.

Features & Specifications

  • Digital compass
  • Switch modes Between stopwatch Alarms etc
  • Bezel(static) time periods of World
  • Resistance to water upto 200m
  • Multicolour Aviation Timepiece
  • Resistance is much good
  • Tough one strong model
  • Long lastasting, flexible bands
  • Much accurate compass
  • Can be damaged by nearby magnet
  • Numbers bit confused

4. Citizen Promaster Skyhawk – JY8078-01L

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This is the best techno pilot watch by citizens which comes with quartz movement and its appearance is quite appealing and its price is also affordable.
As we talk about technology it has Eco-Drive technology, it is tech in which it uses a source of light and converts it into energy which helps to run its nerves and due to its capacity it can run in darkness for quite a long period once charged up. Do we need to replace the battery? Thanks to its Eco-Drive technology we don’t need any replacement for batteries. It can be charged by light or we can say by any light.
Atomic synchronized and you can keep an eye on 43 different cities.

Features & Specifications

  • Dual time
  • Bezel (Rotating motion)
  • Eco-Drive technology
  • Stainless steel watch belt
  • Reflection proof crystal
  • Everlasting Calendar
  • Water resistance upto 666ft
  • No need to replace battery
  • Super accuracy
  • The crystal case has not much proved well

5. Seiko Pilot Watch SND255P1

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If you are looking for an all-rounder here it is the Seiko flight master with fully upgraded features and a classy touch that comes with Japanese quartz motion.
There is a new achievement in Seiko watches as they are using lubricate and their favorite part of this tech is that it is environmentally friendly and contains no radioactive material for this lubricate functioning.
Seiko watches can be trusted as they are well known for their durability and it is affordable. The most frequently asked question is this. what are the best affordable pilot watches? Seiko is the most decent and especially the chronology of this watch has lubricated so you don’t have to worry about the darkness, you can be at ease with your watch. It has stainless steel bands and a case with heavy metal, and a slide rule chronograph with dual functions which contains the logarithmic scale as well as a tachymeter

Features & Specifications

  • Quartz motion( japanese )
  • Bezel motional
  • Hardlex crystal
  • Water resistance upto 100m
  • Hard crystal
  • Window for date
  • HIgh luminous pointers
  • Hard but heavy
  • Bezel is bit static

6. Jack Mason Men’s Watch Aviator

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A horologist Jack Mason who was born in Texas and started making the watches usually made watches under the category of patrimony, aviator and driver but we have the Jack Mason aviator watch which is fully functional and reasonable. This watch is in the heading of pilot watches to tribute the pilots.
It comes with leather bands that can be replaced and an elegant dial with a case of 42mm. Chronology with Super-Luminova which illuminates the marking more brighter than previous technology and uses non-radioactive material which makes it user-friendly. There are small boxes with each number and a triangle at 12o’clock this illuminating tech does not light the number instead the boxes and triangle is lumed.

Features & Specifications

  • Super-Luminova powering dial
  • Dial case 42mm
  • Water resistance 100m
  • Bands leather (interchangeable)
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • Strong build
  • High lume
  • 3 sub dials
  • No extra window for date
  • Strap of leather is not good

7. Hamilton Men’s Khaki Pilot Watch

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Some watches do not match their standards by their name but because of their attribute they are given a major category, like this Hamilton Men’s Watch which has the Swiss made movements it has not been a part of pilot watch but because of their characteristics it is advocated by most of the pilots.
It has khaki leather watch belts, one thing is unique than any other watches above is that it has a big number of minutes which is the vice versa of other watches above.

An extra window for the date-day window at the 15th min and the markers are also luminous. Because of sapphire crystal it is scratch proof and shows anti-reflection. For more Features of this watch it is mentioned as below:-

Features & Specifications

  • Swish movement
  • Band material leather
  • Water resistance better
  • For Anti scratch and reflection sapphire crystal is used
  • 1 in 2 date-day window at 3o;clock
  • Suitable for swimming and diving purposes
  • Minutes in big numbers
  • Luminous is bright
  • Not much heavy weight
  • Leather strap may be stiff
  • Minute track is outward and hour track inward which may be liked by some.


Hope! you would have liked our article about some of the best pilot watches under $500. If you have any further beautiful and watch that is full of feature then you can tell us in the comments section below. Moreover if you have any queries regarding the pilot watches and their specifications then you can ask us in the comments section below!

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