Best Durable Watches For Construction Workers

best watches for construction workers

Construction workers spend almost their entire day at construction sites and they are immersed in their physical tasks which they have to do and it requires their full concentration and effort to finish the job given to them. So it is very important that they remain focus and do not be distracted by other tasks especially regarding what they wear. This is because they are always surrounded by potentially dangerous objects, temporary building structures, and also there is the possibility of debris falling on them. So everything they wear must be durable including watch too.
In this article we will be telling you guys some of the best durable watches for construction workers there are, I hope you guys will like it. Now there arises a basic question which is, what makes a good construction watch for the workers? Here we will be describing some of the criteria by which we will be selecting the best construction watch there is out there which suits your needs and style.

Durability: It is the first and foremost requirement for selecting any construction watch. That is because construction sites are full of harmful objects and wouldn’t want your focus to be distorted by protecting your watch, and you yourself. The watch must be impenetrable to any and all shock, scratches, scrapes and it should also survive sudden drops.

Water Resistance: One of the key features that your watch must have is that it should be water-resistant. That is because construction workers regularly use water at the construction sites for many purposes every now and then, so they don’t always have to worry about their watch getting dipped in water.

Easy To Use: The time should be easy to read at all the time i.e. during direct sunlight and even at night. You shouldn’t be meddling with the watch for too long so that you get the information you need.

Watch Materials: Now regarding the materials from which the watch should be made of, its outer case should be titanium, resin or stainless steel which works best for durability. Its dial window must be scratch resistant without this your watch will soon be covered in scratches. For the strap, it should be either plastic, resin, or genuine leather which is comfortable and a strong strap. Your watch should also have shock resistance for any accidental hits.

Design: Most of the construction watches have a rough look. However, you guys would want a watch which would be best for all types of occasions and events because you wouldn’t want to have multiple watches for different occasions and changing it day and night. That’s why it should have a flexible design.

Price: The price of the watch should be affordable which covers your basic requirement a durable watch should have. Having an expensive watch isn’t budget-friendly nor it is practical for the nature of your work and you might receive a bit of shock if it fails.

Here is list of some of the most durable watches for construction workers:

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Image Watch Our Rating Price
backpac Casio G-Shock Frogman  10/10 Check Price On Amazon
backpac Casio G-Steel 9/10 Check Price On Amazon
cordlessblower Suunto Traverse Alpha 8/10 Check Price On Amazon
Citizen Eco-Drive Men 9/10 Check Price On Amazon
Seiko Men’s Adventure 8/10 Check Price On Amazon
Casio Mudmaster Men Watch 8/10 Check Price On Amazon
Timex Expedition Sierra Watch 7/10 Check Price On Amazon

1. Casio G-Shock Frogman – GWF1000-1

Check Price On Amazon

Casio Frogman is a 53 mm solar-powered watch having a stainless steel case, a resin band, a mineral crystal, and have a quartz movement.the thickness of this watch case is about 16 mm. It displays date and stopwatch timer. It also displays the lunar calendar.
Casio Frogman a tough and durable watch with a case diameter of 53mm, its case thickness is 18 mm, the dial of this watch is made of mineral crystal, the bezel and the band both are made up of resin, this watch has quartz movement and the bezel is stationary.
Casio Frogman is tough, durable and reliable watch, it is good choice for protection while on site for construction workers. It offers basic but dependable features, it can withstand certain shocks and is also water resistance. This watch has stainless steel case and a bezel is utilized here protected by resin band and bezel. It features a simple time and date. It is solar powered and shock resistant. It also has advance feature like Atomic Timekeeping which helps keep your time accurate with this it also has tide & moon data for outdoor trips. To sum it up it is definitely a watch which needs to be considered.

  • Atomic Timekeeping helps keep the time accurate.
  • It has 200 meters of water resistance.
  • It has basic necessary features which are easy and fast to use.
  • It has shock resistance.
  • The lack of some more features makes it too simple for the price.
  • The watch may be too bulky for users.

2. Casio G-Steel S110-1ACR

Check Price On Amazon

Casio G-Steel is a durable watch with a modern design and it is built to last longer. The case of this watch has a diameter of 59 mm, the case is thick about 16 mm, the dial of this watch is crystal mineral, its bezel is stainless steel and the band is either resin or steel plus it is water resistance upto 200 metres, the movement of this watch is quartz and the bezel is stationary.
Casio G-Steel is a tough with a black and silver color timepiece. It can withstand many shocks and can be brought to tough site areas because of its engineered steel design. This watch is made from the concept of ‘Layer Toughness’ which provides high quality shock-resistant body that provides protection and looks at the same time. It is also a solar-powered. Basically this watch is both attractive and tough which provides a great deal of protection and it is easy to wear this watch on different occasions.
The merits and Demerits of this watch is as follows:

  • The watch has ‘Layered Toughness’ which provides toughness and protection while being beautifully designed.
  • Its flexible design makes it easier to wear it on any occasion.
  • It has a modern look.
  • It has upto 200m water resistance.
  • The watch may be a bit large for some of the users.

3. Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS/GLONASS Watch

Check Price On Amazon

Suunto Traverse Alpha is a tough and rugged watch whit a case diameter of 50 mm, the thickness of the case is about 16.5 mm, its dial is made uo of mineral crystals, the band is made of silicone, the movement of this watch is quartz and its bezel is stationary.
Suunto Traverse Alpha is simple and tough which is most suited for withstanding tough site conditions and it also offers many other features for outdoors. The brown and olive color scheme of this watch gives it a unique look, it fits most of the outfits and can be brought to various other events. The GPS/GLONASS navigation feature in the watch keep a track of where you are. It has 100-meter water resistance. The watch has a barometric pressure which lets you know about any weather changes. It also has moonphase calendar.
Suunto Traverse Alpha is definitely a timepiece in which there is no room for doubt in bringing it to any tough site conditions. If you want a simple looking watch with some great features in it then this is definitely the one which you should consider.

  • Its rough design makes it an excellent choice for construction sites.
  • 100-meter water resistance offers great water protection.
  • Design and features make it perfect for other adventurous trips.
  • Design of the watch may feel simple for someones

4. Citizen Eco-Drive Men – AT4010-50E

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Citizen Perpetual Chrono AT is an elegant watch that is made of a titanium case and link bracelet. It has a case diameter of 42mm, the thickness of the case is 13 mm, its dial is made up of Anti-reflective Sapphire, the bezel and band both are made of titanium, the movement this watch is Japanese Quartz the bezel is stationary plus it has a water resistance of upto 200 meters.
Whenever you hear the name ‘Titanium’ your brain automatically impersonate that this thing will be strong, same is the case with Citizen Perpetual Chrono AT, it is a tough and durable watch. With its appearance of silver and black color it suits to any outfit you wear and to any occasions giving you a stylish and charismatic look.
Citizen Perpetual Chrono AT has a lot of functions such as Atomic TimeKeeping gives you a precise and accurate reading, keeping you updated to true time. Synchronized time in five different time zones helps keep track of proper time. A perpetual calendar in this watch keeps track of the days. There is 1-second chronograph that measures upto 60 minutes and a power reserve indicator lets you know how the watch is doing.

  • The modern and slim design of the watch makes it a perfect watch for any formal and informal occasions.
  • The durability of this watch makes it perfect for tough site areas.
  • It has a 200m water resistance.
  • The dial of this watch is a bit small for some users.

5. Seiko Men’s Adventure Classic Watch – SSC081

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Seiko’s SSC081 Adventure is classy, simple and fit for construction workers. The watch’s case is 42mm in diameter, the thickness of the case is 13mm, its dial is made of Hardlex crystal, the bezel is stainless steel, the band is genuine leather, the movement of the watch is Japanese Quartz & the bezel is stationary plus the watch als has a water resistance of about 100 meters.
Construction workers have a lot of work to be done daily so its important to have a good watch that will tell us accurate time while also being a piece that you would cherish to have. The watch has a dual crown with a black compass around its bezel. It has 2 chronograph subdilas and a date window for telling the day embedded in it. Seiko’s SSC081 Adventure is solar-powered due to which it has prolonged battery life.

  • The color tones of this watch makes it easier to pir up with any clothing and style.
  • The functions in this watch is easy to use even for first-timers.
  • It has 100m water resistance.
  • The band of this watch may not be so comfortable at first.

6. Casio Mudmaster Men Watch CGB100-1A9

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Casio mudmaster is designed to endure the toughest of environments. Its case is about 59.5 mm in diameter whereas the thickness of the case is 18 mm. the case is stainless steel & bezel material is made of resin. The watch has dual back cover one of which is stainless steel panel back and the other is made of shock-resistant resin embedded with glass fibers.
Casio mudmaster is equipped with four amazing sensors including Digital Compass, Barometric pressure, thermometer and accelerometer. It gives you the direction you are haeding toward and the temperature reading of your current environment. It has 6 different timezones. The watch dial is illuminated by LED light and it is protected by sapphire crystal which cannot be scratched. The watch is easy to use even for people who are buying it for the first time. The watch is solar-powered so it has long battery life. It also has a water resistance of about 200 meters.

  • It has great toughness.
  • The battery is everlasting.
  • The design of this wacth is premium and classy.
  • It has ample built in sensors.
  • It has dim LED light.
  • It does not have health monitoring features.

7. Timex Expedition Sierra Chronograph Watch

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Timex is a company that is known for making one of the best durable watches there is. They manufacture adamant watches which are also affordable. A Timex watch would be practically a most suitable option for a durable watch. Despite the affordable price, Expedition Sierra Chronograph Watch has all the basic requirement which is needed for construction workers.

  • It is shock-resistant according to I.S.O Standards.
  • The case is made of stainless steel.
  • The dial is made of mineral crystal.
  • The strap is made of leather.
  • It has water resistance upto 100 meters.
  • It shines brightly.
  • The band of this watch is not that durable and you may sometimes find it uncomfortable.
  • Time on this watch may be hard to read because of its busy face.
  • The button for Indiglo function may be hard to press.


Hope, you would have liked our article about some of the best and durable watches that should be wore by the constructions workers. If you have any suggestions or you have any watch in your mind that you think may be a better choice for construction workers then you can tell us in the comments sections below. And you should read our given buying guide before going for buying any watch.

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