Top 8 Best Dive Watches Under $200

best dive watches under $200

If you think choosing a good watch to wear while going under the water is pretty difficult for you, then don’t worry, because We have picked some of the best and most featured dive watches for you.
Divers use specific watches that have some of the important features that help them in diving. There are thousands of watches that are liked by divers from all over the world.
But in this article, we have collected some of the best dive watches that are under 200 dollars.
Many of them will be under $100 too (overall under $200), but they are worth buying, so we recommend you to go through our hand-picked and top reviewed watches before buying one.
All of these watches have almost every essential feature and function that a diver needs during his dive. Moreover, you can read their specification, pros & cons below. Also read Komono Watches Reviews

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How To Choose The Best Diving Watch?

Make sure you find these things in a watch before buying it for yourself or for your loved one.

Choose Your Budget:

First of all make sure you decide your budget, which in this case is 200 bucks. All of the watches that are present below this are under your budget, so now you don’t have to search anywhere else for getting your desired watch, all of these fit in your budget.

Check The Material Used:

Moreover, along with the price, make sure you choose a watch in which good quality material is used. Maybe you like the construction watches as well, because they are pretty tough and strong specifically designed for stiff tasks. In addition to this also check that the glass, bands, straps, etc is scratch-resistant, so that it may not lose its value after some time.

Check The Water Resistance:

The most important part which must be present in a dive watch is the depth of water resistance. Choose a watch the water-resistance of which is high. Normally up to 200 meters is also good, but it will be great if it is more than 200 meters like 250 m or 300 m. The purpose of this factor is to keep your watch working fine even in the water while diving or swimming.

Check Glow In Low Light

This feature is very important especially for the navy seals and other enforcement oagencies. Because many times in their duty they have to go through such tasks in which this feature in watch helps alot. Choose a watch which is luminious even in the dark.

We have ranked these watches based on our experience, price, reviews and specifications. So you can choose any one which seems good to you.

So here we go;

Top 8 Best Dive Watches Under $200 [Top Picks]

Image Watch Our Rating Price
backpac Orient Men’s Automatic Watch
10/10 Check Price On Amazon
backpac Casio Men’s Watch – MDV106-1AV 9/10 Check Price On Amazon
cordlessblower Stuhrling Aquadiver Regatta 9/10 Check Price On Amazon
Phoibos Dive Watch – PX002C 9/10 Check Price On Amazon
Invicta Pro Diver 8/10 Check Price On Amazon
Citizen Promaster – BN0150 8/10 Check Price On Amazon
Citizen Eco-Drive BN0085-01E 7/10 Check Price On Amazon
AVIATOR Special Ops 7/10 Check Price On Amazon

1. Orient Men’s Japanese Automatic Watch

Check Price On Amazon

So at the top of the list, we have the Orient Ray II watch for divers. The best thing about this watch is that the dial, time, and digits can be seen very clearly (that’s what is needed underwater). It features oversized markers of ten-minutes and a one-directional bezel, which even more enhances the design.
Not only underwater, but you can use and wear this watch for other purposes too because of the look and design fit for all occasions and events. A stainless steel band is present of very good quality. The digits of days, date & time all have a distinct appearance that helps in a quick reading of the watch.


  • Mineral crystal window
  • 22 jewel F69 caliber Japanese Automatic movement
  • 3 link stainless steel strap
  • Water resistant: 200 meters or 660 feet (pretty good for high depth diving)
  • Case size: 41.5mm
  • High water resistancy of 660 feet
  • New Movement Upgrade
  • Dreadful crown
  • Fit to wear to all occasions
  • Pretty nice look
  • Bracelet didn’t improved much from the previous in this series

2. Casio Men’s Watch – MDV106-1AV

Check Price On Amazon

In a budget of lower than 200 bucks Casio MDV106 is a best option for divers. Many times when we are busy, our watch get scratched or rugged due to which it’s original look doesnot remains the same. But if you buy this watch then you dont have to worry about scratches or bangs, because it won’t get easily. It is a strong and tough watch. Not only for divers but the construcion workers can also use them too.
The stainless steel case, the black band that is made of resin and the overall black colour of this watch gives a very attractive and nice look. Easy to read time, day and date display lets the users to easily see the watch dial.


  • Movement: Japanese quartz movement
  • Water resistance: 200 meters Or About 660 feet depth
  • Crystal: Mineral crystal
  • Lug-to-lug: 48mm
  • Height: 12mm
  • Diameter: 44mm
  • Total Weight: 92 grams case weight
  • Tough and heavy watch
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rotating action feels a bit hollow
  • Some people don’t like the rubber strap

3. Stuhrling Aquadiver Regatta

Check Price On Amazon

At number 3, we have the Aquadiver, which is again a pretty good choice for divers, that is under your budget too. The strong case, lots of surgical grades that are present on the stainless steel along with the screw-down makes this watch water-proof. So that you can go down the water upto two hundred meters without any problem

The one-directional bezel will surely help you in the under-water tour. If you see closely, there are small lightning materials like something on the lum and markers, that are actually there to help see the markers and eventually dial if you are in any area where there is low or dim light.
You can choose any of your favorite colour in this watches as it comes in many colours like orange, green, red, black and blue.
In such a reasonable price it has all of the features that should be present in a good watch. Another thing here is that this wath has Swiss made quartz movement, which means that your time won’t differ much if there is some problem in the watch (unlike the automatic watches, which almost lack this feature)


  • Protective Krysterna crystal
  • Swiss quartz Movement
  • Water resistant to 200m or 660 feet
  • One-direction bezel
  • Date function (at 4 o’clock)
  • 3 piece steel strap with deployant clasp
  • Case size: 42mm
  • Best for budget even under 200$
  • Handset is very nice
  • The background colour of dial gives a very decent look
  • Some people doesnot like the bracelet in it
  • Springbars are not good

4. Phoibos Dive Watch – PX002C

Check Price On Amazon

On the fourth number we have the Phoibos which is a budget-friendly and a full of feature watch. Some people will say that it looks just like the Submariner, yes! they are right., because it is a homage to the submariner, but you cannot say it completely looks same like that watch.
Let me tell you the best part of Phoibos watch, which is the water resistancy level that is pretty higher than watches which we have gone through till now, and it is upto 300 meters. Along with this, the sapphire crystal glass and 120 stop bezel, adds more value to it’s features but not to the price. So if you want a good watch while staying in your budget then it is worther considering.


  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • Swiss Quartz Ronda 515 movement
  • 316L Stainless steel with screw-down crown
  • Swiss Super-Luminova BGW9 luminous hands & markers
  • Water-resistant: Upto 300m or 990 feet (pretty much)
  • Case size: 42mm
  • Good water resistance level
  • Has a premium and nice design
  • Favorite of travelers
  • Some may not like the homage look

5. Invicta Pro Diver

Check Price On Amazon

We hope that you guys would be reading this article with very interest, because all of these watches are unique in their own way. In the list of best diver watches we have Invicta Pro Diver on the fifth number. If this ranking was based on the strongness and weight then this watch would be on the number one. So now it is a good chance for those who like broad and heavy watches.

Some people says that it is like the Seiko watch, yes we know that. It definitely looks like the Seiko watch, but by the features and specifications this watch is a little behind than the Seiko. But the best thing is that you get a nice watch without lending money from someone else, as it is a budget-friendly watch.

One thing which is personally noticed first after reading about this watch is that the water-resistant level is pretty low which is around 100 meters in depth. So one demerit comes here, but overall it is a good watch on a low budget with a decent & modern look of a dive watch.


  • Movement: Quartz Movement
  • Window: Synthetic sapphire crystal window
  • Water-resistant 100m or around 330 feet
  • Day window at 3 o’clock position
  • Case size: 48mm
  • Durable glass
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Low cost
  • Not good for scuba diving, but for swimming

6. Citizen Promaster – BN0150

Check Price On Amazon

Just because of features and specifications of Citizen Promaster it is recommended by many divers for diving and swimming purposes. You would find this watch in almost every top and best watches for divers.
Sometime it is reffered as the King Of Affordable Diving Watches, because of the functions included in it as compared with it’s price.


  • Quartz movement
  • Analog display
  • Case: 44 mm
  • Display: Mineral crystal display
  • One way rotating bezel
  • Stainless steel casing + silver-tone along with a Promaster crown
  • Polyurethane rubber strap with ripples plus dive table
  • Water resistant upto 200 meters
  • Nice design
  • Clear display of time
  • Durable watch
  • Favorite of thousands of people
  • The band may feel stiff
  • Only 60 points bezel
  • No Saphire crystal is present

7. Citizen Eco-Drive BN0085-01E

Check Price On Amazon

We have placed Citizen Eco-Drive watch on number 7. But it is in some of the top watches in the list. The best part about this watch is that the water-depth or water-resistance level is almost 300 meters. So if you are a professional diver then this watch is a good choice for you.
It has a uni-directional bezel, quite large screen that gives you a clear appearance of the dial, markers, crowns that are almost scrath-resistant.
This watch has thousands of lovers all around the world. And most of them like this watch because of it’s Eco-Drive feature. This feature is not present in every watch. It provides power to the watch through solar source.


  • Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement that is powered by light (battery-less)
  • Window: Durable and strong mineral crystal window
  • Day display
  • Depth measure
  • Uni-directional bezel
  • Water Resistan Upto: 300 meters or in feet 990
  • Case size: 47 milli meters
  • Solar Powered
  • Decent Watch
  • Some may not like the rubber straps
  • The look may feel cheap

8. AVIATOR Special Ops

Check Price On Amazon

If you want a watch that is just like that of Invicta’s watch but with a low budget then this watch is for you. The motto of AVIATOR Special Ops is it is not only for divers, but it can be worn by personels in almost every field because it is fit for different tasks for persons of different professions. That is why we included in a list of some of the best dive watches.
This AVIATOR watch has a Pepsi like colored bezel that gives it a nice and cool look. The silicone strap is not lower than a masterpiece, making it some of the best things which can be given to your loved ones as a gift.


  • Case glass:​ mineral crystal window
  • Dial Movement: ​​Miyota 2115
  • Dial diameter: 44mm
  • Dial colour: ​blue
  • Water resistance: Upto 200 meters
  • Can be used by people in different professions too
  • Premium Quality Solid Steel Case
  • Military Casual Look Design
  • Not good for expensive watch lovers
  • For casual watches fan this pepsi colour may not suit


Hope you would have liked our article about the best diver watches that are under 200 dollars. Which of the watch above did you like the most, and why? let us know in the comments!

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